When Joe Rutland, author and columnist, reached out to me regarding designing the cover of his book, I knew almost immediately that I wanted to say yes. Joe’s book¬†shares his own experiences as well as what he’s heard from others in the facial difference community. Rutland, born with a unilateral cleft lip and cleft palate, has dedicated a good part of his life toward educating, supporting, and informing those in this international community about the importance of tending one’s emotional garden.

Mixed with real-life experiences and nurturing words and meditations, “CleftThoughts” brings out into the open what others might be afraid or unable to communicate.

Design Notes

Joe and I agreed that the cover should primarily feature his picture. The book was inspired by him and it is rare to see a book cover proudly featuring someone with a physical difference. I chose a blue and white color scheme to reflect Joe’s confidence and compassion, as well as the calm meditations found within the book.