JPMJ Visual Branding

JPMJ Group is a forward-thinking technology solutions company that works primarily with Fortune 100+ companies. They asked me to create a visual brand that communicated innovation, quality, integrity, and prestige. The final result, which you see here, features blue and red to establish authority, slanted text communicating forward movement, and a clean layout that places them in a position of expertise.

Fundraising and Shirt Design

Without a doubt, my favorite designs are for causes to improve someone’s life. Baby Evan, or Super Evan, has lived his entire three month life at Lurie Children’s Hospital undergoing procedures for his heart and lungs; more than many of us will experience in our entire lives.

When Super Evan’s family asked me to design a fundraising t-shirt, my reply was a resounding HELL YES! Every shirt purchase will help pay for Evan’s ongoing medical expenses.

Click here to buy a shirt and help Super Evan, then scroll down to read more of his story:…

“During a routine 20 week sonogram, it was discovered that “Baby Boy K” had a Congenital Heart Defect (CHD). On April 9th 2018, a little earlier than expected, our family welcomed Evan Daniel. Evan has undergone open heart surgery to repair the multiple defects of his CHD. Before surgery and during recovery, he has also shown that his little lungs were not quite ready for this big crazy world, thus he has needed some unexpected breathing support as well.

Fast forward nearly three months, and our SuperHero is still recovering and getting healthy enough for life outside the hospital. Due to his need for around-the-clock care, Evan has been in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago since birth. Amy and Danny have been spending time with their newest little guy as well as taking multiple trips back and forth to spend time with Evan’s big sister, Emerie. The time that has passed has proven Evan’s strength, as well as that of his mommy and daddy. Their strong little family has learned so much and come so far, but it takes a village to overcome such big obstacles. This is where you can join Evan’s journey. All donations will go directly towards Evan’s care for his Superhero Heart and expenses that have come up for his family as they care for him!”

Book Cover Design: CleftThoughts

When Joe Rutland, author and columnist, reached out to me regarding designing the cover of his book, I knew almost immediately that I wanted to say yes. Joe’s book shares his own experiences as well as what he’s heard from others in the facial difference community. Rutland, born with a unilateral cleft lip and cleft palate, has dedicated a good part of his life toward educating, supporting, and informing those in this international community about the importance of tending one’s emotional garden.

Mixed with real-life experiences and nurturing words and meditations, “CleftThoughts” brings out into the open what others might be afraid or unable to communicate.

Design Notes

Joe and I agreed that the cover should primarily feature his picture. The book was inspired by him and it is rare to see a book cover proudly featuring someone with a physical difference. I chose a blue and white color scheme to reflect Joe’s confidence and compassion, as well as the calm meditations found within the book.

Renewing Mom: Visual Branding

Renewing Mom is a new business on the rise. Renewing Mom teaches that self-care is not an option, it’s a necessity. Through a variety of fun events and group workshops, Renewing Mom will help you to implement daily strategies to ditch the overwhelm and retake control over your life so you can reconnect with the passionate and motivated woman inside of you.

Visual Imagery

Renewing Mom’s target audience are stylish and discerning. They’re high achieving moms looking for the best ways to improve their lives. With this in mind, we settled on a strong and subtly feminine color palette, which I combined with the geometric imagery, a timeless combination of fonts, and creamy gold accents.

On-trend without being trendy. Strong and a little edgy. I’m already feeling renewed.